Other Programming Languages

Learning a new language is always challenging, whether you are experienced or not.

Codeacademy offers straightforward code-as-you-go tutorials for many different languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, etc. You can find their complete catalog here.


Java is a widely used language in software development. It is used to create web servers, business applications, and games (like Minecraft). It is especially popular because the same (compiled) code will run the same way on any platform, because it will be run inside a platform called the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), that the developers of the language have created specifically for each category of computer.

To get started, you have to download the latest version of JDK, aka Java SE Development Kit here, which contains everything you will need. You can then start coding in Java with your preferred code editor; if you are not sure what’s best for you, start with Eclipse. Learning how to use Java might be confusing, so reading Eclipse’s FAQs might be helpful

If you want to learn as much Java as possible before the event start, reading the Think Java Version 6 book will give you a very thorough rundown of the language. Read it carefully and do the exercises, and you should be more than ready for the hackathon!

If you are looking to practice, take a look at w3resources


Swift is the official language to create iOS apps, and it is supported by Apple. It is not particularly hard to learn, but not that easy to master. If you are looking to become an apple wizard (not in the sleeping beauty way), we recommend that you to get acquainted with developing apps in general before diving into the fruit bowl. Apple’s official tutorial is a good way to start.


C and C++ are probably some of the more challenging languages for beginners – it’s even difficult for those with a basis in Python or JavaScript. It is, however, very widely used to create video games, craft robots, write computer programs, and interact directly with your computer. It is also much faster than Python, JavaScript or Java.

In order to run C code, you need to compile your program before using it. This means that your computer will transform your code into machine-readable instructions, and then you can run these instructions. Here are the resources needed to compile your code: